JUST RELEASED: AETA Trade Show Branding

Aeta International Trade Show Rebrand

We are excited to officially release the new logo for the AETA Trade Show! We have been redesigning the entire trade show from the ground up and cannot wait to start releasing more of our amazing updates. This our show, designed by the industry, for the industry and will see you in January in Oaks, PA!

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Exhibitor Contract for the January Trade Show

Please click here to download and fill out our Exhibitor Contract for the January Trade Show!
Click here to view the current list of exhibitors.
We will see you in Oaks, PA this January!
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An Open Letter from AETA Board of Directors

To read our Board of Directors' official statement and plans going forward, please click here.
An Open Letter from the Board of Directors

AETA Announces Management Team
for International
Trade Show

AETA announced that it has hired Unbridled Solutions, a Denver-based event design and marketing agency for production of the AETA International Trade Show. Unbridled has many years of experience and is committed to working with AETA leadership to bring the Trade Show to a more modern era.

AETA has also contracted with General Exposition Services, Inc., to provide a wide variety of decorating and trade show services. General Expo is fully committed to AETA’s vision and pledge to moving the show forward. One significant improvement is that exhibitors will no longer have to pay long-standing ‘middle-man’ fees related to booth furnishings. In addition to reduced booth costs, AETA is not marking up decorating services like former show management to make the show more affordable for you! More details on pricing will be available soon.

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Information on January Trade Show

We will no longer partner with Hopper Expositions, Inc.

AETA is holding the International Trade Show

January 28-30, 2017

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

Oaks, PA


We look forward to seeing you in January!