We are excited to officially release our unprecedented educational program, AETA EDGE!

Join us January 28-30, 2017 in Oaks, PA for our trade show packed with 26 hours of workshops, lectures, hands-on-training and one-on-one strategy sessions with industry experts to give your business the edge it needs to thrive!

Click here, or on the image below to access the entire program!

AETA EDGE Announcement


Register online by clicking here!

Please Note: If you have already registered for the trade show, please look for an email from "AETA Registration". The email includes a link that logs you into your online registration portal allowing you to register for any AETA EDGE educational programming.

If by chance you have not received the email, you can also log back into the registration portal with your confirmation number here. Enter your confirmation number, then click OK. This will initially display your contact information page, so click "Next" at the bottom of the page until you reach the Education Sessions. Select any sessions you would like to attend and if a fee applies, that charge will appear at the end of your registration.

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AETA Announces Sales Rep Competition!

We are inviting all sales reps to participate in a contest that could win you a $300 VISA gift card. All new members also receive a Free AETA membership for the 2016 - 2017 year for participating!

Invite your retailer accounts to the January AETA International Trade Show and climb the leader board by gaining points in the following three ways:

  1. Any of your accounts that attend the show – you will receive 1 point
  2. Any of your accounts that actually travel by air (instead of by car) – you will receive an additional point
  3. Any of your accounts that are AETA members – you will receive an additional 2 points

Reps are required to track your accounts' attendance and submit to the AETA office by the Friday following the show. Multiple reps can claim the same account! All points will be tallied and we will announce the winner the week following the January Show.

To sign up for this program, please email events@aeta.us.

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"Getting the Most Out of Your Exhibit" Webinar Recording Released

Add our must-watch webinar to your to-do list for the January Trade Show!

Mark Fisher has been formulating event marketing strategies in order to help support clients' product and service goals effectively for over 25 years. His presentation covers setting trade show goals, tips on engaging booth areas, and creating customer loyalty via memorable experience before, during and after the trade show. 

Click here to access the webinar!

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Online Registration Open - Exhibitors and Buyers

Please click here to register your booth or to register to attend the January Trade Show! Many exciting details will be unveiled over the next few weeks so stay tuned!
Click here to view the current list of exhibitors.
We will see you in Oaks, PA this January!

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AETA Launches Incubator Program!

We have a special area on the trade show floor dedicated to new and emerging manufacturers! The AETA Incubator offers a 5’x10’ booth space, which includes: carpet, one (1) table, two (2) chairs, one (1) wastebasket and an ID sign for $350 for the entire 3-day trade show. Space is limited for the incubator, so companies interested in the opportunity should contact AETA at 717-724-0204.


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Information on January Trade Show

We will no longer partner with Hopper Expositions, Inc.

AETA is holding the International Trade Show

January 28-30, 2017

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

Oaks, PA


We look forward to seeing you in January!