Our Mission

The AETA Board of Directors met for their annual strategic planning session and are pleased to announce they adopted a new Mission Statement. The Board is excited to share this new mission with the membership:

The American Equestrian Trade Association’s mission is to unite and advance the community of equine trade businesses by delivering education, trade shows and services designed to sustain, support and grow a strong equestrian industry marketplace.

Knowing When and How to Reach Out to the Media

Earned media is some of the best kind of PR your business can have. It gives you credibility and is free. Earned media is generated when you do or have something worth sharing. You don’t create it or buy it – in essence, it is information that is truly newsworthy.

Your best chance at getting earned media (news coverage) is if the information you are sharing is newsworthy. Of course, what’s  newsworthy is at the editor’s discretion and can often be trumped by other news and events in the marketplace. When reaching out to the news media, ask yourself these simple questions to determine, “What’s newsworthy?”

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