AETA Bucks Program

The AETA Bucks program is only available to AETA members and stimulates orders between AETA-member buyers and AETA-member exhibitors. The program also provides added incentive for buyers to attend the trade shows.

AETA-member retail buyers receive $100 worth of AETA Bucks upon arrival at the show. The Bucks may be spent at any AETA-member exhibitor booth. Each AETA Buck valued at $50 may be applied toward any order valued at $250 or more—a 20% discount compliments of AETA! Exhibitors are encouraged to offer any additional show discounts that they would use to draw in more sales.

On the final day of the show, the exhibitors MUST bring the AETA Bucks they received to AETA Registration.   Exhibitors will be reimbursed within one week of the last day of the AETA show.   All AETA Bucks MUST have the signature of both the buyer and the exhibitor to be reimbursed.  

AETA Bucks Redemption Process:

To qualify to participate in the AETA Bucks program, retailers and exhibitors must be members in good standing. To check the status of your membership, contact the AETA office by telephone (443-720-0330) or by email at [email protected].

To receive their AETA Bucks, retail buyers must pick up their Member Packet at registration upon arrival at the show. They will be given a packet with their AETA Bucks and Golden Ticket.

AETA-member exhibitors will be provided with display signage that designates “Proud Member of AETA. AETA Bucks Welcome Here." In addition, the show directory clearly designates the AETA-member exhibitors.

Buyers will have a yellow ribbon on their show badge identifying them as AETA members. Encourage the buyers to spend their AETA Bucks at your booth! Each order must total a minimum of $250 for each $50 voucher.

Exhibitors attach the bottom copy of the AETA Bucks to the retailer’s purchase order so that the retailer gets proper credit upon shipment. The exhibitor retains the top copy to surrender to AETA on the final day of the show at the time of reimbursement.

AETA Bucks are for the use of AETA members only. They are non-transferable and have a space for signature of both the buyer and the exhibitor. Each certificate is numbered and will be checked against the master list upon presentation.