AETA Talking Business
Saturday, August 10, 2019
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Plan to join a panel of industry experts including representatives from retailers and suppliers to discuss some
hot topics. The conversation will be wide ranging and cover the changing nature of equestrian retail, the growth of online,
the impact of tariffs and other hot topics raised by questions from the audience. 
You will be sure to hear a lively conversation about the following topics:

  • Reactions to the new tariffs being levied on imports from China
  • Future of equestrian retail in the USA
  • Supplier/Retailer Competition and Relationships
  • Equestrian Industry Branding Importance

 Meet Your Moderator and Panelists!

Moderator: Kelly Herd
 Kelly Herd has been in the jewelry business since 1983. He owns   Kelly Herd Jewelry that designs, manufactures and sells high-end   gold and silver contemporary and equestrian jewelry.     
 Their designs can be found in more than 700 retail stores or with
 online retailers nationally. They currently have a global footprint   in Australia, Dubai, Europe, Asia and South America. They         currently offer over 400 unique equestrian designs and have the   ability to custom make most any piece someone desires.


Sharon Carpenter

Sharon Carpenter serves as Vice President of Sales at Ariat International. Her 10 years at Ariat have included all phases of the sales process including independent and big box retailers. 

Sharon joined Ariat with more than 20 years of background in wholesale sales, retail purchasing and retail store management.

     Anthony Gatto

Anthony Gatto is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for life, further education, and once in a lifetime experiences. Anthony currently owns Kensington Protective Products, Inc., a high-end manufacturer of equestrian goods since 1954. Anthony and his father have been Manufacturing out of China for the last 20 years. They moved production to Mexico in the early 90’s, then to China in the mid-90’s. Currently, Anthony is the sole owner of this business.

Cissie Meehan

Cissie Meehan is the Vice President of Merchandising for TABcom brands for the last 10 years. Her focus is in multi-channel retailing and strategic planning.  Cissie has worked in every aspect of Catalog, E-commerce and retail sales. She has held positions at Dover Saddlery, Petsmart, 1-800 Flowers, and Cendant.

Doug Walker

Doug Walker is president of the Weatherbeeta Group across North America and Europe. He takes care of a large geographical area, spending much of his working life in the air, travelling to the company’s different locations. He has been with Weatherbeeta for six years after enjoying a long sales career in the confectionery, soft drinks and beer industries.